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The truly global nature of ESMOD International

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The local fashion calendars surrounding the 18 ESMOD schools located in 12

countries around the world are punctuated by various jury sessions and

fashion shows held throughout the year. Join us as we take a look at the

presentations, exhibitions, shows and jury sessions held at ESMOD Tokyo,

ESMOD Seoul and ESMOD Tunis.

Pieces entered in the Dolce & Gabbana competition for ESMOD Seoul. Photo by Yeyoung Choi.


Although each school in the group has its own personality, the ESMOD method is

the one common theme that flows through all of the teaching delivered across

them all. The qualities specific to ESMOD Tokyo, as recognised by all Japanese

professionals, were showcased during the school’s latest fashion show. The

students’ projects were examined by the jury on 1 March, with the help of Itaka

Yuki, model-maker on the Miyake Design Studio design team, label-founder and

ESMOD Japan alumni Kotoha Yokozawa, and Kenta Ishido, a key player within the

Mori Building Co. Ltd (the Laforet fashion department store in Harajuku), as well

as others. The show, held on 7 March, was directed by Artistic Diretor of ESMOD

Tokyo Thomas Vasseur.

The creations of the ESMOD Tokyo class of 2022.

Concentration and emotion during the ESMOD Tokyo jury sessions.


An end-of-year exhibition of the creations from the latest ESMOD Seoul class was

held on 2 December, providing an opportunity to get to know the future stars of

the Korean fashion world. The winners of the Ladies Fashion, Men’s Fashion,

Ladies’ Designer Fashion and Men’s Designer Fashion specialisations will soon be

playing an active role in the dynamics of South Korean design. Their graduation

collections were not only presented to local industry professionals but also

featured in a video that was shared on YouTube.

A model dressed by Minnah Kim, a Ladies’ Designer Fashion student at ESMOD Seoul. Photo by Yeyoung Choi.

The creations of Yunhu Lee (Men’s Designer Fashion), Dain Kang (Ladies’ Designer Fashion) and Changyong Um (Men's Designer Fashion) at ESMOD Seoul. Photos from left to right: Dongseok Shin, Chaerim Park and Yeojin Kim.

This year, a video showcasing pieces by the class of 2022 replaced the traditional ESMOD Seoul fashion show.

Concours Dolce&Gabbana pour ESMOD Seoul

Another major event in the ESMOD Seoul calendar is the Dolce&Gabanna

competition for ESMOD Seoul, a collaborative project that was also presented on

2 December and aims to understand how the younger generation interprets the

brand’s design and fashion inspirations. At the initiative of the Dolce&Gabbana

brand, nineteen 3 rd -year students were selected to represent the trendy Korean

Generation Z.

The brand’s creative designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, along with

the Dolce&Gabbana design team in Italy, assessed the participants’ work

(illustration, technical drawing, photo of the garments, video showcasing the

collection and the garments themselves) remotely. On 28 November, the Italian

teams from Dolce&Gabbana visited Korea to assess the students’ work in

person. Dolce&Gabbana announced that the winners were Sungwoo Choi, in

the men’s clothing category, and Seyoung Lee, in the ladies’ clothing category.

The two winners will have the opportunity to work as paid interns for 6 months

at the Dolce&Gabbana headquarters in Milan, Italy.


Organised as part of the ESMOD International gathering, the latest ESMOD Tunis

fashion show featured the work of the best students in the class of 2022 from all

over the world in an international context in which Tunisian students obviously

shine. Here too, during the jury sessions that preceded the event, Tunisia’s

leading professionals, who have a strong presence on the international fashion

scene, got the opportunity to appreciate the skills and the inspiring creativity of

the students trained here.

Tunisian students shine at ESMOD’s international gathering in Tunis.

Fashion professionals got the opportunity to appreciate the students’ skills during the ESMOD Tunis jury sessions.

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