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Professional juries: the power of ESMOD

The end-of-year juries are a real highlight of the school year and a true gateway to working life for some students, as well as providing an opportunity to meet up with alumni and professional sponsors from a whole host of awe-inspiring backgrounds.

One of the advantages of the school having trained fashion professionals for over 180 years is that it is easy to find former students who are able to assess the future greats of the fashion world. Both the Bachelor’s and Master’s juries for the class of 2023 include former students who were only too happy to come along and see just how ‘their’ school has evolved, play their part in the renewed success of the entire industry, and perhaps even start scouting out future recruits...

Showrooms ESMOD Paris 2022

Paris :

ESMOD Paris will be holding its jury sessions on 6, 7 and 8 June. This year’s fashion show will take place in small groups on 17 June before a large exhibition of the graduates’ work is staged at the L'Appart Renoma gallery from 29 June to 7 July. 129 Bis Rue de la Pompe, Paris 16.

Chanelle Patou, the very charming president of the 2023 ESMOD Roubaix juries, has earned herself the highly enviable position of Collection Director at Mugler.

Roubaix: Chanelle Patou, Collection Director at Mugler

With a name that conjures up images of the ultimate in Parisian fashion, there was only ever one industry that Chanelle was going to work in! Having left ESMOD Fashion Business Roubaix in 2014 after being recognised as the top student in her year and with an honours degree under her belt, Chanelle Patou later returned to Roubaix; nine years later, in fact, and as president of the ESMOD class of 2023 juries and fashion show!

She’s certainly come a long way in less than a decade, during which she has worked for Cinq Mondes and Dim in 2016, Alexander Wang in 2017, Cartier in 2018, Chloé in 2019 and finally Chanel in 2019/20, always in a product, marketing or development role. This hyperactive powerhouse has now been working for Mugler since 2020, initially as a Coordinator and later as a Collection Manager, before becoming Collection Director and a member of the Executive Committee of the company, which is now owned by the L'Oréal group, in January this year.

With one degree from ESMOD and another in marketing and brand management, Chanelle also has a degree in interior design to her name and finds time to keep bees in her spare time— an impeccable background that now allows her to observe the current level of the school’s students with a keen eye. We can certainly rely on her to ensure that the best students get the recognition they deserve, make no mistake.

ESMOD Roubaix will be holding its professional juries on 9 June. Its public fashion show will take place on Thursday 15 June in Roubaix. The professional fashion show and awards ceremony will be held on Friday 16 June.

Fumiko Hoshina runs designer duo Coperni’s workshop and is sponsoring the juries for the ESMOD Lyon class of 2023.

Lyon: Fumiko Hoshina, Workshop Manager at Coperni

Precise, meticulous and versatile, Fumiko epitomises Franco-Japanese relations. Born in Japan, she completed part of her pattern-making studies there before later completing her training in Paris. Initially a pattern-maker in Tokyo, she spent six years working for various ready-to-wear brands, but it was only once she moved to Paris that she began to turn her attentions to design and the luxury sector, first through internships with fashion designer Dominique Sirop and at Balmain, and later as an in-house pattern-maker at Antik Batik, where she spent over 5 years.

But her passion lies in creative research, and with this in mind she would soon really come into her own at Courrèges, where she spent 3 years, and later at Isabel Marant. For the past two years, she has been familiarising herself with the amazing concepts and techniques of design duo Coperni. Infused with science and mathematics, the brand founded by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant surrounds itself with the most disciplined of collaborators and employees, including ESMOD alumnus and photo stylist Helena Tejedor, who always has good advice to impart.

For the past two years, Fumiko has been putting her talents to good use for the benefit of Coperni’s formal research, a role in which bringing ideas to fruition is often a real headache. But her role as a pattern-maker is even more vital, putting her at the heart of Coperni’s avant-garde designs. In her role at ESMOD Lyon she will be sensitive to the most creative of the students’ work.

ESMOD Lyon will be holding its professional jury sessions on Wednesday 22 June. The school’s fashion show will take place on Thursday 23 June at La Sucrière at 6pm and 9pm.

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