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Piqante, face to face with slow fashion

Selma Jnifene, ESMOD Class of 2017, is already fostering her entrepreneurial spirit by launching her own e-commerce website, an eco-responsible one, of course! This venture was designed to help her kick start a project even closer to her heart, the creation of her own brand. Thus, Piqante was born, putting some pizazz into sustainable fashion. Her ready-to-wear womenswear brand puts its own twist on basic pieces, which creates all new proportions. In terms of sourcing, all the materials used are either all-natural luxury fabrics, organic, innovative or recycled materials that find a new life in Selma’s capable and creative hands. All of her samples are made in France, but her production is done in Tunisia in small family owned studio that continues to pass down there skills from one generation to the next. This is yet another way Selma’s brand stays ethical.

This emerging brand is starting to make a name for itself within the industry. In fact, Selma will be presenting her collection at a salon for independent, eco-responsible designers called Face To Face, at First Class from February 28thto March 2nd.

Click the following link to see the designer’s introductory page on the Face To Face website

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