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Camille Juge explores techno-couture

Scintillating techno-futuristic poetry by Camille Juge. Photo by Genzu Dillinger / Fares Samadi

Can digital addiction become a fashion trend? This is the subject of Camille Juge's complex and spectacular 'techno-couture' research. Passionate about fashion from an early age, her fascination with design was reinforced by a number of work placements in the field. "When I stumbled across an old Topmodel notebook, I realised that I'd been drawing, pasting and colouring looks since the age of 10. My first designs were on Barbies... ". Her approach has since evolved into a highly more sophisticated aesthetic.

Planet ESMOD: How would you define your final year collection?

Camille Juge: My collection is called "A-CHROME". It depicts a social phenomenon: digital addiction. The aim of this collection is to provide a key to understanding the following question: why do we prefer the virtual world to the real one?

To distinguish between the 2 worlds, my collection comprises 2 iconic volumes; the first is a volume of dustcovers. This part of your wardrobe protects but restricts what lies at the centre. It's a metaphor for the monotonous, limiting and stereotypical material world.

When we free ourselves from this real world, and tear open the cover, we discover embroidered, connected and luminous looks. Each one shows an aspect of the digital world: hacking, video games and social networks.

P. E.: Where do you think you'll be heading from here?

C. J.: I want to specialise in technological innovation in textiles and fashion.

It's a creative world waiting to be explored by women as determined as she is.

Camille Juge's techno-maximalist designs are concealed beneath tough protective covers. Photo by Genzu Dillinger / Fares Samadi

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