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MARISUZI, local and sustainable swimwear

They met on the benches of ESMOD Bordeaux in 2013 and graduated from ESMOD Paris in 2015, Charlotte - in Lingerie specialization, Martin - in menswear specialization. They have made their mark in the professional world without ever losing sight of each other. So much so that in 2018, they decided to create their own brand, MARISUZI, in honor of Charlotte's grandmother, Suzi, and Martin's mother, Marie. It is in the world of beachwear that our duo will operate by instilling the values they have always believed in: second-hand materials, French, handcrafted, small series production and total transparency on its sourcing, production and pricing policy.

This month, the brand is releasing its first model: the Mama. An asymmetrical feminine swimsuit that adapts to different morphologies thanks to adjustable straps and belts. On the material side, the choice went to different Lycra terracotta colors from surplus stocks in different warehouses. To sublimate the whole, a jewel, produced in Italy, is placed on the right strap of the swimsuit. Made in an Auvergne workshop by experienced couturiers, this swimsuit is sold exclusively online in order to limit mark-ups and offer the most affordable price: 260€.

Taking full advantage of the summer holidays to launch, MARISUZI intends to develop its offer without seasonality with other models, such as the Suzette skirt, always produced in limited quantities (50 pieces maximum). Beach accessories will complete the range to offer you a stylish summer while preserving the planet.

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