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FASHIONTECH PARIS : Promote innovation in fashion ...

By Audrey Lenoir, 2nd Year student ESMOD Fashion Business

Today, the textile industry can no longer miss innovation.

Thus, fashion and technology come together, to create new experiences, each more surprising and fruitful than the next.

All areas of the fashion and luxury sector are then concerned: design, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, marketing, trade ...

It was during Fashion Teck week that the Hackamode was organized this Tuesday, October 13th, 2020. A competition reserved for students interested in the creation of innovative products or services.

Nothing better to promote collective intelligence between students and fashion companies!

This year, the idea of #​​transparency and #traceability is at the heart of the subjects.

Eco-responsible fashion is gaining more and more ground in the textile market.

The brands seek to improve their perception of their CSR approach with customers, by offering consumers information specific to each product.

Today, consumers are looking for traceability and support information, but how far to go? What information is essential, how to judge their credibility? And especially what will be the supports of tomorrow ... It was around this theme that 6 teams of 6 to 9 students worked for a day, in order to help a group of brands, by presenting the proposals in front of a jury of professionals.

An enriching, rewarding, and logical experience in our career but also an open door to the companies that were present.

Fashion tech directly affects the youngest generations, those who have evolved with all-digital.

It offers real challenges for the sector, to the point of disrupting our consumption habits, by making the shopping experience much more immersive and interactive. The customer experience is one of the major trends that have emerged in recent years.

Speaking of trends, and on the lookout for the latest technological innovations, Hackamode students were able to share their vision and together find relevant solutions to promote ethical fashion.

All the students had the idea of ​​a QR code, allowing the creation of a product sheet in order to transmit all the necessary traceability information.

Technology makes it possible to tell a story, bringing a certain product back to life. Imagine a second-hand bag that can tell you its story, where it came from, when was it created ... all thanks to an integrated electronic chip that will protect the personal and private data of the first owners. Imagine a mirror communicating with you, explaining the history of the materials and the traceability of the product to try?

Fashion teck allows customers to #personalize their clothing, through data collection, on your tastes and needs.

The fashion and #luxury industry is going through a big upheaval ... Us “Digital Natives” are wondering how the fashion of tomorrow will be?

Wouldn't it be luxury to simply have a unique product? which tells us a story, that it is transparent to us, of which we know everything about its manufacturing process (including the name and location of the breeding), on its materials used and to have real transparency on the prices ?

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