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There’s more to Rennes than music; in fact, the city is also mad about fashion. As a leading European centre of excellence, Rennes welcomes over 67,000 students every year. Indeed, ESMOD Rennes has been training fashion enthusiasts, future designers and pattern-makers in one of the world's leading creative industries since 1988,

so it’s not surprising that the 2nd edition of its Fashion Festival, to be held on Saturday 25th June at the Couvent des Jacobins Convention Center, a beacon of the city of the future housed in a 14th-century building, is so eagerly anticipated.

The programme for the event will include various exhibitions, talks and of course a runway show open to all and beginning at 5:30pm, followed by an invitation-only show at 8:30pm.

The event will also provide an opportunity not only to visit the historical exhibition looking back at the 180-year history of the Parisian school that became a regional and international institution but also to discover the work of the school’s most creative students. Various craftspeople specialising in textiles and fashion will also be in attendance showcasing their respective skills, including Margot Destailleurs with her Capsule Margot collection, Mael Roussel and his brand Monsieur par MR, Cornelia Jossé and her lingerie collection and Rachel Legall with her hats, among others, along with demos featuring traditional plant-dyed fabrics by Sophie Gesbert, corsets by Amélia Hollande, embroidery by Johanna de Rangot, stage costumes by Vertugadins (Jessica McEvoy), etc.

Plenty of opportunity, too, to enjoy talks by various enthusiasts such as the one on the Made In France label and the issues it presents, by Fil French, which specialises in the relocation of fabric sourcing.

A great day out and an opportunity to explore the world of fashion from a different - decidedly professional and creative - perspective.

Fashion Festival, 25th June, Couvent des Jacobins: 20 place Sainte Anne, 35000 Rennes.

Informations Gladys Hermon :

Esmod Rennes : 6 rue du Louis d’Or, 35000 Rennes.

In Rennes, at the last ESMOD Fashion Festival

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