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Class of 2022 runway show: EMOTIONS

The 2021/2022 ESMOD students’ runway show will be based on three major themes.

RED: The colour of passion, manifesto, stance and powerful and communicative emotion. Along with white and black, it is also one of the key ESMOD colour codes.

RIBBON: A tribute to the flexible tape measure invented by ESMOD founder Alexis Lavigne in 1847. It is also evocative of the tacking thread, the structure of any design, a tribute to expertise and to the journey of life.

THE SPHERE: A metaphor for the students’ link to their school and ESMOD's international presence.

All of these conceptual representations will be combined in an unprecedented PERFORMANCE in the form of a fashion show designed to showcase multiple talents through one collective act. The seductive powers of the graphic arts, music and fashion will be combined in no fewer than 200 different looks created by some 200 talented individuals with amazing and diverse personalities

to pull off one highly emotive and creative initiative.

The event will be broadcast live on the ESMOD France YouTube channel on 27th June at 6pm.

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