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Claire Châtaigner: An exceptional gift set fit for Le Bon Marché

Dernière mise à jour : 1 mars 2023

What if the body no longer had to adapt to suit the garment, but the garment

was finally adapted to suit the body? This is the question that has always

fuelled Claire Châtaigner’s creativity in her work.

Claire Châtaigner at Le Bon Marché

This teacher and researcher in social and biological anthropology, who also happens

to be the coordinator of the ESMOD Fashion Design master’s courses, still manages

to find the time to create bespoke garments for Le Bon Marché’s private clients.

Her creations, available as Demi Mesure (adaptation of an existing model) or Grande

Mesure (unique pieces from their design through to their production, including the

choice of materials, embroidery and embellishments), are the only ones of their kind

in Le Bon Marché’s ladieswear department and are available exclusively in the

sumptuous Salons Particuliers private lounges of Paris’ first department store where

she receives her clients.

The historic offices of Aristide Boucicaut on the 3 rd floor have been fully renovated

and transformed into reception rooms and small private lounges, complete with fitting

rooms and an adjoining Moet & Chandon bar... A rare and precious luxury, just like

Claire Châtaigner’s generous ‘bespoke’ box—a great gift and an invitation to sample

the quality of this unprecedented service.

Claire Châtaigner unpacks her ‘creative suitcase’ in the Salons Particuliers at Le Bon Marché to offer affordable bespoke solutions.

From wedding dresses and formalwear to daytime pieces and cocktail dress, all of

the creations are made by Claire herself, with the help of the finest Parisian

manufacturers and craftsmen. An Haute Mesure 100% wool satin-lined coat could be

yours from €1,800, a jumpsuit or short dress from €1,700... a plethora of bespoke

creations to help liberate the body from the traditional shackles of clothing thanks to

this revolutionary initiative that she is also fine-tuning on a more industrial level with a

global 4.0 project that will soon be making news.

In the meantime, Claire’s Coffret d’Exception box will no doubt be topping the end-of-

year gift wishlist!

Claire Châtaigner’s wedding dress on display at Le Bon Marché is a tribute to Marguerite Boucicaut

Claire Châtaigner, Créations Sur Mesure, sur rendez-vous au Bon Marché Rive Gauche, 24 rue de Sèvres, Paris 1er. Tel. : +33 1 44 39 80 00.

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