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Bachelor’s degree in FashionBusiness 2022: “How did the jury presentation go?”

Third-year students in ESMOD Fashion Business, a business school specialising in

fashion, share their thoughts and feelings following the defence of their end-of-study

projects before a jury of industry professionals.

They’re certainly relieved, that’s for sure. Marie Riou, Nina Burgen, Oded Zamir,

Samia Kanaan, Thoe Wack and Augustin Trichard are students at ESMOD Fashion

Business who have just defended their end-of-study projects before a jury of

professionals. The defence had to be based on a brand extension or

collaboration project showcasing all of the skills acquired in the form of market

research, concept creation and the implementation of a marketing and

communications strategy for the launch of a new line.

The momentous occasion marked the culmination of three years of training at an

international school specialising in fashion and the ready-to-wear, luxury and

lifestyle sectors in general. “The jury really instils a sense of confidence”, Marie

Riou says. It has to be said that the stakes are high since the Bachelor’s

programme aims to train graduates to be immediately operational. The

curriculum, which includes long periods of professional immersion, places the

emphasis very much on the practical side of things, not only giving students a

thorough understanding of the professions involved in the fashion industry but

also enabling them to develop professionally through constant interaction with

practising professionals. From fashion design to the inner workings of a

collection, not forgetting the strategic and operational mechanisms at play when

it comes to marketing and the new issues presented by CSR and digitalisation,

alumni will have all the tools they need to enable them to fine-tune their career

paths, build their networks and increase their chances of being hired at the end

of the course. Read on to see what they made of it.

Marie Riou, 3 rd -year ESMOD Fashion Business student, Paris:

“The course really develops your sense of culture”

Planet ESMOD: What have you gained from these three years of education?

Marie Riou: It’s all happened so quickly. I’ve learnt so much, especially with

regard to marketing and communications, as well as the history of fashion. The

difference between arriving at ESMOD and realising you don’t know much and

the knowledge you’ve acquired by the end of your studies is really significant.

The course has really nurtured our sense of culture, and we’ve also made good

memories through making friends and meeting the lecturers.

Could you tell us a little bit about your thesis?

It’s been a long-winded process in terms of both the oral and written

components, and it really forms the basis of our third year. We had to come up

with a brand extension or collaboration project, so I chose to focus on the

collaboration between Dior and SpaceX, an American company specialising in

astronautics and space flight. I didn’t know anything about space, so I had to

learn more about that first, by listening to podcasts and going to the French

national library, and it was actually quite exciting.

Where are you doing your end-of-study internship?

At Dior’s Paris Saint-Honoré store. I’m a Client Development Manager assistant,

so anything to do with developing customer relations. It’s going really well and

I’m very, very happy there. The start of the 2023-2024 academic year then will be

my master’s.

Nina Burgen, Fashion Business Paris

“I’ve met some incredible lecturers”

Planet ESMOD: How did your thesis defence go?

Nina Burgen: Very well! The members of the jury said that I had produced a very

interesting, very comprehensive project, so I’m very happy. My project focused

on a collaboration between Drunk Elephant, an American innovative skincare

brand founded in 2009 by Texan mother Tiffany Masterson, and New York-based

luxury ready-to-wear fashion brand Coach, aimed at developing a ‘clean’ skincare


How would you sum up these past three years of education?

It’s a comprehensive bachelor’s degree spanning everything from marketing and

communications to fashion design: colours, materials, the history and sociology

of art, computer graphics, etc., so you end up with a very good knowledge base.

From an interpersonal perspective, of course, you also get to make some great

connections. I’ve met some really interesting people, incredible lecturers who are

first and foremost, I have to say, genuinely interested in their students.

How is your end-of-study internship going?

I am doing my internship in the communications department at Soprima, a

company specialising in pre-coating that was founded 30 years ago. The

industrial side of the luxury sector, so to speak, and I’m working with key


What are your plans for the future?

Finishing my bachelor’s degree in communication, for a start, and then

specialising in the design sector, and graphic design in particular.

What would be your dream job?

Artistic direction, of course! A job that would combine fun with creativity.

Oded Zamir, Fashion Business Paris

“For a loner like me, working in a group has been extremely beneficial”

How did the jury presentation go?

I think they liked it. Their reactions seemed to be positive, anyway, so I’m really

relieved (laughs). My project focused on the development of a grocery division of

French ready-to-wear fashion house Ami Paris, founded by Alexandre Mattiussi

in late 2010. I had to study the competition, the market and the economic

situation while linking the brand’s values in terms of design to this new segment.

What added value do you think an ESMOD Fashion Business education provides?

I’d say group work, first and foremost, particularly during the workshops

facilitated by professionals that take place in amongst the lectures. For a loner

like me, it was a very effective way of learning to collaborate with others to pool

our talents.

Where are you doing your internship?

I’m at the JLM Group, which I was already kind of familiar with because I’d

previously had the opportunity to do an internship there during my first year of

study. The company runs grocery stores and restaurants all around the world,

which is why I based my end-of-year project on this. I’m executive assistant to the

CEO and also in charge of artistic development. I consider myself very lucky.

Every time the group opens a new restaurant, I’m involved in designing and

creating the ambience, including the soundscape, the choice of furniture, etc.

Everything has to make sense from a creative perspective.

What is the next step for you?

First of all, a holiday (laughs). A month off before I get back to the grindstone and

start working my way into the world of fashion. I’ll also have the opportunity to

present my thesis to Alexandre Mattiussi and to Nicolas Santi-Weil, the CEO of

Ami Paris [editor’s note: winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 award for

the Ile de France region at the 30 th edition of the Entrepreneur of the Year

organised by EY, in partnership with HSBC, Verlingue, Steelcase and Bpifrance].

Samia Kanaan, Graduate, Fashion Business Paris

“What makes ESMOD magical is the feeling of belonging to a family”

How do you feel your thesis defence was received by the jury of professionals?

Honestly, I was really scared at first but it all worked out fine. It was a great

experience. I feel like that chapter is coming to an end and I can’t wait for the

next step! My project was called Balenciaga Casa and, as its name suggests, it

was designed to be a lifestyle division of the Parisian fashion house.

What has had the greatest impact on you during your time at ESMOD?

What has really struck me over these past three years has been the sense of

belonging to a family. What really makes ESMOD magical is the fact that every

student feels like they are at home, in a safe learning environment, but there’s

also this ever-present element of fun. It’s important to mention this because lots

of students come from all over the world. This really is an international course

where they do everything possible to make us all feel very close. The first word

that comes to mind is definitely ‘family’.

And what do you consider to be the strengths of the course?

In a nutshell, I’d say the practical experience, and the interface with the ‘real

world’ and the realities of day-to-day life in business thanks to the internships

and the many contacts we get to develop with professionals. There are so many

ways in which they enable us to gain an understanding of real business cases

while also coming into direct contact with them.

Can you tell us about your internship?

I’m Assistant Wholesale Manager at Parisian brand Timeless Pearly, created by

Leslie Chetrit. The brand designs costume jewellery with a vintage feel, so I was

clearly outside of my comfort zone in this sphere but I really enjoyed it, especially

the fact that I could be myself and express my creativity. My job in the wholesale

department [editor’s note: distribution via multi-brand retailers and independent

shops—the brand sells not to the end-customer but to shops that then sell on to

the end-customer] was to establish relationships with new customers and

maintain strong connections with existing customers. The brand has customers

on every continent, so I had to liaise with them, manage their purchases and

present the new collections in the showroom.

Any plans for the future?

First of all, I want to travel. I’d like to find a job in New York, maybe, before

returning to Paris to continue my education.

Théo Wack, Year group head, Fashion Business Lyon.

“Working on lots of practical cases makes us more agile”

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m 24 years old and I studied graphic design for three years, followed by a year

of computer coding in web design. I developed a passion for fashion a few years

ago, which led to me enrolling on the ESMOD Fashion Business course in Lyon.

How did your thesis defence before the jury of professionals go?

It went very well. In the end I was quite relaxed and I think the jury could see

that. I was proud of my project anyway—a collaboration between the very

familiar Salomon brand, which has been making sports and leisure clothing and

accessories since 1947, and Lyon-based label Arpenter, a ready-to-wear fashion

brand founded in 2011 that places the emphasis on local chains and networks. I

suggested developing an eco-friendly line of outdoor trainers, since Salomon

clothing and footwear are typically worn for outdoor activities, hiking and the

like, and the products resulting from this collaboration were aimed more at day-

to-day and urban use.

What have you gained from these three years at ESMOD?

We have acquired certain working instincts, like thinking a topic through

thoroughly to understand exactly what’s involved. Over the past three years

we’ve worked on practical cases involving brands, projects and communications

strategies, which has helped us become more agile in our thinking about

different aspects of the fashion world, as a result of which I now feel capable of

drawing up a communications or development strategy.

Could you tell us a little bit about your end-of-study internship?

It started last May and finished at the end of October and I did it with Lyon-based

brand Nosc, which sells technical, versatile and eco-friendly sportswear for day-

to-day life. It was founded in 2018 and sells clothing made either from recycled

materials or from bio-based materials, such as fibres made from castor oil, which

requires little water and grows on arid land. I deeply believe in responsible,

sustainable fashion that values craftsmanship, know-how and design. My role

within the brand was to put a smile on customers’ faces while designing

communications visuals, working on the website and even helping to deliver

parcels— quite a comprehensive experience!

Any plans in the pipeline?

Yes! I’m going to put everything I have into my clothing brand, Bisart, where I

work with artists to screenprint their work by hand onto pieces of secondhand

white fabric that I then sew onto vintage clothing. The pieces are unique, signed

and numbered and the artists get paid. I do everything, from A to Z. I really enjoy

it and I’m really looking forward to putting everything I’ve got into this venture,

even if it means taking on interns! If there are any students reading this who

might be interested, please get in touch.

Augustin Trichard, Graduate, Fashion Business Paris.

“I’m really applying the knowledge I’ve gained over the course of my


Could you give us an overview of your end-of-study project?

It’s a co-branding initiative between Dior Homme and J.Balvin. It went really well,

it was great, and above all really interesting. I learned a lot from the relevant

feedback I got, but you’re still glad when it’s over (laughs).

What have these past three years of education taught you?

A lot! Including from an interpersonal perspective. Human contact was very

important, and I learned not only how to develop as a person but also how to

think. I’m realising this now on my internship as an assistant ready-to-wear

product manager at Berlutti [editor’s note: part of the LVMH group]. I’m really

applying the knowledge I’ve gained over the course of my studies, such as

learning to work on several different projects and to be organised. The fact that I

studied lots of different cases and got to look at a very wide range of issues

relating to different brands has also been very useful.

Can you give us an example?

I’m an assistant in the field of ready-to-wear fashion, so the fact that I’ve studied

a wide selection of brands offering very diverse ranges means that I can now

have an opinion on tailoring, outdoor wear, accessories, trousers, etc. I can

assure you that that comes in very handy when you’re an assistant product

manager in general.

Any plans for the future?

It’s going very well at Berlutti and I’m really thriving there, so I’d like to stay with

this wonderful company that offers extraordinary products designed always with

excellence in mind. Or maybe join the marketing department of one of the

companies in the LVMH group.

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