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When design and emotion go hand in hand

At our various schools both in France and abroad, we always look forward to the end of each academic year with the juries and presentations of our students’ and future graduates’ collections.

These events, during which their designs are presented to institutions and professionals, are always stressful and challenging times, but also bring with them some precious and unique moments to treasure.

For all of our teams, and our teachers in particular, they are a great source of motivation that brings people together, and we are proud to introduce all of these talented individuals, who embody not only creativity, expertise and diversity but also the values and requirements of our courses.

For over 180 years now, ESMOD’s teaching methods have provided students at our 19 schools with a basic foundation in fashion design and design techniques in a demanding and applied learning structure, but there’s more to talent than theory and teaching methods alone.

Talent requires a lot of practice and perseverance and above all a passion for what our industry involves and the expertise required, as well as the raisons d’être of the greatest creative talents, namely curiosity, culture, open-mindedness and awareness of the sociological, technological and, now more than ever, ecological issues the world is facing.

Talent is forever nourished by innovative visions, contagious emotions and a unique sense of daring.

The future of fashion, its artistic appeal and its sustainable economic vitality will depend on our ability and responsibility to support, encourage and promote all talents and to give them the freedom to create and to pursue their own initiative.

Long live this class of 2022 #181, known as ‘Emotions’, and more importantly, I wish all of our talented Esmodians a wonderful journey and indeed life!

Véronique Beaumont - General Manager ESMOD International

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