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Untitled: a creative showroom at the heart of ESMOD

When it comes to places offering professional training, a fashion school really should be the one teaming with the most life, and professional life in particular.

ESMOD has been hosting creative fashion showroom Untitled at its premises in the 9th arrondissement in central Paris since January 2022 with the aim of reinforcing its position as a strong player in the fashion industry and contributing to its development.

Sarah Lévy’s amazing bags can be seen at Untitled

Designed to promote contemporary and emerging fashion designers, the regular Untitled event creates a link between the latter and major specialist buyers four times a year during the men’s and women’s fashion weeks.

“It’s a rewarding experience for both parties”, explains Untitled founder Thomas Tistounet. “ESMOD’s Atrium and Salle Boisée provide beautiful surroundings in which to present our collections, making the school a true theatre of real life in this sector”.

The latest showroom held during Men’s Fashion Week in June 2022 was a roaring success: “We hosted some 95 major buyers and fashion brands by appointment, with representatives of the ANDAM award and the LVMH Fashion Prize also attending, and students are now keen to come and see the collections we have ready for the market”.

Christina Seewald’s creative knitwear

Every season, buyers can come along and check out a selection of 10 new labels, some of which have already attracted the attention of buyers and the press. This fourth edition of Untitled was dedicated to women’s collections, showcasing labels such as Boyarovskaya, which was a finalist in the ANDAM Pierre Bergé prize, and Pressiat, whose presentation is part of the official Paris Fashion Week calendar this season. The Vaillant Studio collection by Alice Vaillant, combining vulnerability and poetry with a certain sensuality, is now represented by the Karla Otto press office. Belgian designer Sarah Levy, meanwhile, was honoured for her surrealist-inspired accessories at the 2019 Hyères Festival. One of the sector’s great professionals, she is also in charge of accessories at Marine Serre and leather accessories at Patou. Austrian Christina Seewald will be showcasing her knitwear and crochet creations, which are already available on online platform Ssense, etc.

The assertiveness of the Boyarovskaya collection

So many innovative and eco-friendly brands that account for only half of the international labels represented by Untitled at the ESMOD showroom.

One ESMOD Fashion Business student was rewarded with an internship at Untitled with a view to further incorporating the school into the professionalisation process. “Nicholas Bunzick, our first ESMOD intern, has become a real pillar of Untitled”, Thomas Tistounet continues. “He’s been freelancing with us ever since. Then there’s young Suh Yeong Kim, also from ESMOD, who’s just started an internship with us, and we plan to employ another student on a sandwich course in the near future”.

Starting with the class of 2022, an Untitled prize will also be awarded to an ESMOD International student wishing to launch a collection, representing a major source of support given that the showroom will help them to distribute their brand over the course of a year.

This unique partnership between ESMOD and Untitled will help optimise ESMOD International’s visibility among designers and buyers in the world’s best-known department, concept and online stores. Thomas Tistounet’s only regret to date is not having access to more space within the school.

Untitled Paris: 28th September to 7th October. ESMOD, 12 Rue Catherine de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris.

Opaque mesh dress by Christina Seewald

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