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Tania Valenti: a Sicilian in Paris

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

First there is an instinct – or to be precise a vocation. Tania Valenti realised early on, with clear and burning intensity, that she would work in fashion. The ardent young Sicilian spent her youth developing her instinct for what women like and what they want to wear. Little by little, this sense of clarity developed into a vision where optimism, nature and authenticity would be expressed in a wardrobe with a sensual and poetic feel.

All she needed to do now was to give material shape to her vocation in a style. But only a demanding and painstaking learning process could help her achieve it. Italy had its immense resources to offer the young woman, but she ultimately opted for France and for the French capital. A carefully thought-out decision. Esmod Paris was not only an illustrious school, famous for its range of programmes, painstaking teaching methods and rich interdisciplinary interactions combining style, pattern-making and marketing, it was also a vast network developed worldwide between the different schools in the group and outstanding companies in all aspects of design.

Tania Valenti saw the value of this network. It gave her the chance to get to know the specific skills and materials developed by the major ready-to-wear and luxury fashion brands in the field. Because by now, as she came to the end of her fruitful studies, the young woman had a definite career plan. She wanted to develop a company combining elegance and ethics in jackets and accessories with refined details. To achieve this, she needed to expand the many skills acquired at the Parisian school through patient and profitable practical work at the studios and workshops of famous brands.

As well as the reputation for its teaching, the Esmod International group is widely praised for its capacity to guide graduates towards internships and job offers suiting their personality and value. After graduating, Tania Valenti was therefore able to enrich her experience with luxury couture brands and to fine-tune her technique alongside exceptional artisans. This helped her lay the vital foundations of a style now expressed in her own brand named after her.

Experience, when it is rewarding, promotes high standards, sharpens vision and strengthens discipline. These high standards, this vision and this discipline are effectively at work in the outstanding jackets and handbags produced by the young designer. All characterised by care in selecting materials – 100% organic and plant tanned leather – and manufacturing by master tanners, and remarkable charm, combining the pure tradition of Italian leather goods and the inspirational prestige of the typically French art de vivre. A great beginning that will no doubt give rise to plenty of fruitful developments.

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