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Sustainable fashion by Jagoda Sokolowska

28 April 2019, 7:36 pm. A moment engraved forever in Jagoda Sokolowska's heart. On this day, the young woman, originally from Poland, organised a sustainable fashion show as part of a trade show in Las Vegas. A revelation that reinforced the designer's desire to combine her passion for style and nature. Made from unsold textiles or certified natural-fibre fabrics, her end-of-year collection proves that sustainable clothing can brilliantly blend style with being eco-friendly.

Planetesmod: What made you want to work in fashion?

Jagoda Sokolowska: For as long as I can remember, I've always placed a lot of importance on my appearance. When my dad would travel for work, he would bring me back exceptional 'western' clothes that were impossible to find in Poland, where I was born. Generally speaking, you could say that I didn't follow trends and my wardrobe was nothing like any other girls my age.

When I was around 13, I found an old sewing machine in my grandmother's attic, which convinced me to learn how to sew. I read magazines like BURDA, books, and watched YouTube videos. I was so proud when, after many unsuccessful attempts, I managed to make a truly wearable and functional jumper. Over the next few years, I developed my sewing and design skills, but I never really imagined that one day I'd have a full-time job in fashion. I lived in a medium-sized town and fashion was seen as an unattainable field with no viable prospects.

My training at UWC-USA (I got a scholarship for my last 2 years of high school) changed my point of view. I was surrounded by new ideas and the students came from all sorts of backgrounds. I began to believe that my 2 greatest passions, fashion and nature, could become much more than just a hobby. In 2019, my work was showcased at the opening of a sustainable fashion show organised in Las Vegas, in the United States. The event - which I instigated and organised - presented several clothing collections made from recycled fabrics. The ultimate aim was to show the true beauty and importance of sustainability in fashion. The enthusiasm of the participants awakened an incredible feeling of fulfilment in my soul. That evening, I decided to dedicate my future to creating truly responsible and conscious fashion that is both environmentally and socially sustainable.

How would you define your end-of-year collection?

Emissions from fossil fuels are the main cause of global warming. A large part of these fossil fuels come from Russia. The revenue earned from this export is funding the war in Ukraine.

As a Polish person, I am deeply affected by the ongoing conflict, especially as it is interconnected with the current energy crisis. My collection aims to promote the holistic superiority of renewable energies over fossil fuels.

The outfits are inspired by the geometric structures deployed by power stations. Almost all of the fabric comes from unsold recycled stock. The new fabric is from regenerative sources that are certified and made entirely from natural fibres. Fascinated by innovation, I used a photosynthetic coating that allows the garment to produce oxygen. As well as this, I used a natural indigo dye for the lining. Finally, I made a bag with a small solar panel: an ecological energy source for your mobile phone charger.

And your plans for the future?

I have to finish my internship first. Then, I'd like to do a master's degree in innovative materials or, more broadly, sustainable fashion. My ultimate goal is to be able to create truly sustainable clothing.

Photo credits : Daniel Antropik

The fashion designer's world and projects can be viewed at

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