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Students in the Foundation Course Complete an Upcycling Mission

When Serge Blanco, a menswear brand, called ESMOD in the hopes of establishing a project in which students must transform pieces from their inventory, we jumped at the opportunity, with our Foundation Course students in mind. This would allow these brand new, designers-in-training to first get a solid vision of a well-made garment with the aim of deconstructing it, modifying it, merging it with other pieces to come up with an entirely new piece.

Showing genuine enthusiasm, these students played with their scissors and thimbles as they reinterpreted the brand’s products, with that special ESMOD flair. The Serge Blanco team was thrilled with the results as they shared photos of the workshops on their Instagram page.

To highlight the results of this upcycling exercise, the students modeled their new creations in a mini fashion show that closed the ESMOD Earth Week festivities on April 23rd. ​

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