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Seraina Naegeli's Modern Man

With all the knowledge she has acquired over her three years of study at ESMOD Paris, including Autodesk Fusion 360, CLO 3D and Lectra Modaris, Seraina Naegeli has never forgotten the basics: a sense of style. This is what drives her design approach to men's fashion. For her end-of-year collection, the Swiss-born fashion designer brings together rigour and fluidity in a stylistic exercise that sets the tone for her main obsession: designing a timeless silhouette that is not institutional, which is classic yet still contemporary. To reach this ultimate holy grail, the student will be able to draw on the lessons learned from her internship at the luxury fashion house Berluti.

Planetesmod: What made you want to work in fashion?

Seraina Naegeli: Like many people, I've dreamt of designing clothes from my childhood. I put it on hold for a few years, but the passion resurfaced in my teenage years, even though my research has since opened my eyes to the pollution caused by the industry, not to mention the working environments that are the very opposite of the ethics promoted by the brands. I wanted to use my creativity to improve things. My studies strengthened my belief that these changes were possible.

How would you define your end-of-year collection?

It's a men's clothing line that combines a contemporary edge with a military aesthetic. I want men to feel handsome and confident in their look. The collection is aimed at the modern man who has chosen style as his main weapon. I have focused on theatrical shoulders and volumes that call for different lengths.

And your plans for the future?

I've just started my internship at Berluti, in the men's ready-to-wear department. I admire this fashion house's attention to detail, it's a brand with a long heritage that also knows how to stay relevant in the modern era. When I start my own brand, I hope to be able to combine quality with modernity, while developing a healthy and fulfilling environment for creative people.

photo credits : Warren Wee

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