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Reiner Upcycling, the first french marketplace for upcycled fashion

While doing her second year internship, Maureen met the Reiner Upcycling team, aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Justin Chiron and Benjamin Farcy, two fashion enthusiasts, had the idea of uniting different designers who use up-cycling in order to offer original, strong, inspiring and above all environmentally friendly pieces. As an intern in a young start up, Maureen was given different missions to help Reiner Up-cycling achieve its different objectives such as establishing the largest available catalog of up-cycled garments by bringing together the most beautiful up-cycled brands in order to offer trendy and responsible pieces. The entire concept is creative and innovative.

Reiner Upcycling also has partnerships with as many as fifty designers who are in favor of up-cycling and associations such as France Nature Environnement, as the brand raises awareness every day about the consequences of fashion on our planet. Now in her 3rd year of the "Head of Marketing & Communications Strategy in Fashion Industry” program, Maureen ha put what she's learned in her courses at ESMOD Fashion Business to good use. The trust that her colleagues have placed in her has allowed her to be independent in her actions and to be a team member whose opinion is constantly taken into account by the group. Today, thanks to her efforts and those of her team, Reiner UpCycling continues to grow while reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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