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Our ESMOD Alumni, eco-conscious entrepreneurs!

Today, setting up your own brand or company is not possible without first thinking about the values with which you wish to imbue it. Customers (which we all are) now want to consume in a more sensible, more responsible way and demand that brands provide real transparency by ensuring the traceability of the products they sell. Therefore, getting started in fashion has almost become a militant act in favor of the protection of the environment and of human beings.

It is clear that many of our alumni are taking action in this perspective by creating eco-responsible brands and initiatives that are solutions to escape from an industrial model that is too wasteful and pollutant. They manage to create circular economies that have the merit of extending the life of a fashion product and the materials that make them up.

ESMOD Act is proud to present a selection of alumni who are creators of eco-responsible brands or initiatives and who have joined the ranks of the new generation of designers committed to a more conscious and sustainable approach to fashion.

eco-responsible brands:


This young brand of eco-responsible sports T-shirts was founded by Lucile Trouette (ESMOD Paris - class of 2014)

What makes this brand special is the totally natural and biodegradable fibers used in the production of the products (organic cotton, Tencel®,) that are made in France & Portugal.

Currently, the brand is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign on the platform ULULE until June 2, 2021 to help fund the brand's production.

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A menswear & womenswear brand founded by François Laurendeau (ESMOD Paris - class of 2018).

The products he offers are entirely made via upcycling materials extracted from military surplus clothing (parkas, trousers, backpacks, tent fabrics, etc.)

The brand has recently launched a lie of accessories, also on the same production principle.


Founded by Charlotte Jaubert and Martin Madon (ESMOD Paris - class of 2015,) this is a women's swimwear brand.

The brand pays particular attention to the choice of second-hand materials (from stocks in different warehouses), its small-scale, artisanal, French production and being totally transparent with regard to sourcing, production and pricing.

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This women's ready-to-wear brand was founded by Salma Jnifene (ESMOD Paris - class of 2017). Her approach to materials makes her particularly ecological: natural, organic, innovative, recycled luxury fabrics…

Salma conceives her designs in France and has them produced in Tunisia in small family workshop with well-preserved " handmade " savoir-faire. Her production is on a human scale and completely ethical.

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Clément Dollet, (ESMOD Paris- class of 2016) created this unisex ready-to-wear brand.

His brand promotes a more sensible approach to fashion, perfectly ethical and favors bio-sourced materials that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard. In addition, his small-scale production, is carried out right in the designer's workshop.


With this organic ready-to-wear brand, Wenhua Duvergé (ESMOD Paris - Class of 2002) proposes a 100% ecological collection with the use of organic cotton and wool, an eco-chic store as well as an eco life blog with advice for how to lead an environmentally friendly life, day-to-day.

Eco-responsible initiatives:


Candice Bouchez launched a platform for selling second-hand clothing in Canada. More than an online sales platform, this initiative is a real community that is driven by this desire to raise awareness among fashion afficionados about the real consequences associated with over-consumption. The platform offers various highly sought-after brands (not otherwise widely available in Canada) such as Maje, Sandro, The Kooples or Zadig & Voltaire. Although the production method of these brands is considered controversial, the fact remains that their presence on this site avoids creating new polluting waste.


This concept is an ecological and "Zero Waste" detergent created by Mélanie Viallon (ESMOD Paris - class of 2009). These detergents come in kits that you can mix yourself, using natural products. No more plastic bottles that are thrown away and no more chemical micro-particles that are thrown into the sea. Les Lavandiers' laundry detergent offers a real eco-responsible alternative for laundry care.


Candice Fourmaux created this community garage sale, which specializes in second-hand clothing and childcare items for children between 0 and 10 years old.

The antithesis of the disposable trends, this platform wishes to revolutionize our consumption habits thanks to second hand clothes which, in addition to reducing the purchase costs, is also an excellent way to preserve the planet and to activate a circular economy.


Saventy Percent is a textile market place created by Caroline Parois (ESMOD Paris - class of 2016). It is dedicated to the sale and purchase of fabrics and haberdashery items from private and professional stocks.

Through this initiative, Carline intends to achieve a massive reduction of textile waste, while keeping in mind the sometimes limited budget of young designers.​

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