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Nazanin Eslamifard: Fashion as a slogan

"Unveiled" creation by Nazanin Eslamifard. Photo by Daria Sobolevska.

Iranian-born Nazanin Eslamifar expresses herself better through her designs than through words. That's why fashion has become such an important subject for her. A form of expression that has even become a political issue in her country. "I wanted to learn to speak without speaking", she admits, grateful to the country that now allows her this freedom. The seriousness of her work, dark, essentially in black, includes numerous material effects with fake hair, strips of lace and tulle woven on tapestry.

Planet ESMOD: How would you define your final year collection?

Nazanin Eslamifar: "My work, which I've titled "Collection Dévoilée" (unveiled collection), is a daring, provocative collection, deliberately inspired by the movement led by Iranian women. Each outfit showcases the strength and courage of these women, while recalling their gentleness through transparencies and lighter materials on certain parts of the body."

P. E.: Where do you think you'll be heading from here?

N. E.: I'm starting my career by observing. So I'd like to work for different fashion houses to gain an insight into the world of work and business. In parallel, I'd like to move forward with my personal projects and work on my future fashion label.

Nazanin Eslamifard's "Collection Dévoilée" represents a sensuality to which Iranian women are no longer entitled.

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