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Mathis Bureau's phantasmagorical accessories

Eco-responsible card holder by Mathis Bureau. Photo by Laura Martin.

It is possible to create fantasy from waste? This is the idea behind Mathis Bureau's final year collection at ESMOD. Graduating with a degree in Fashion Design specialising in accessories, this shy creative has always expressed himself through drawing, particularly fashion design. It's his best communication tool, and one that he continues to have fun with. His futuristic aesthetic incorporates essential ecological notions.

Planet ESMOD: Why did you choose fashion for your career?

Mathis Bureau: By showing my drawings to my friends and others around me, I realised the unifying power and passion that fashion had. It was through discovering Jean Paul Gautier's collections and Thierry Mugler's vintage creations a few years later that couture began to inspire and excite me. Their freedom, their audacity, the beauty and fantasy of their designs made me want to do this job.

Recycled ornament by Mathis Bureau. Photo by Laura Martin.

P. E.: How would you define your final year work?

M. B.: "Synthetic Genesis" is an accessories collection. It's inspired by the seventh continent. This new continent of waste in the Pacific Ocean, where I imagine nature reclaiming its rights. Organic and synthetic merge together here, giving rise to new flora and fauna, intriguing and phantasmagorical. This collection carries a message of hope for the current ecological situation. A message that reminds us of nature and life's ability to appear even in the most hostile environments. This line also questions our relationship with what we consider to be "waste". It's an eco-friendly, ethical collection that celebrates craftsmanship and innovation. The challenge for me is to be able to offer accessories that are as eco-responsible as possible. I specifically used recycled and recyclable materials, vegetable-tanned leather scraps, etc. This collection shows that ecology and fantasy can go hand-in-hand in fashion design.

P.E.: Where do you think you'll be heading from here?

M. B.: After these three years at ESMOD, I think I've found my calling! I now hope to join a fashion house's studio so that I can make my dream a reality every day. I also want to travel and meet new people and cultures. Gaining professional experience in Asia or the United States is very motivating for me. I still have a lot to say and I hope to continue surprising people!

The phantasmagorical world of the seventh continent as seen by Mathis Bureau

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