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Inclusion: The ESMOD Group gets on board with theHermès DuoDay initiative

Corporate social responsibility can only truly be furthered through new and

practical measures, which is why the ESMOD group, as part of its CSR policy and

ethical and social initiatives, recently joined forces with Hermès and made a

commitment to inclusion by participating in the brand’s DuoDay programme, a

project presented by Marion Hirsch (Head of ESMOD Career) to students of the

school with both visible and non-visible disabilities.

At the instigation of the Secretary of State in charge of people with disabilities,

the Hermès Mission Handicap initiative gave five Fashion Design and Fashion

Business students the opportunity to spend time at the company over the course

of a day dedicated to discovering one of the roles that the ESMOD Group

provides training for, alongside an employee of the famous fashion house who

was willing to offer an insight in their day-to-day working life.

As a result, two ESMOD students in their 1 st and 4 th years of the Fashion Business

course spent the day in the Communications, Media and Multimedia department

of Hermès, while a further three Fashion Design students got the opportunity to

explore the Silk and Textiles division, the Footwear Collection Department and

the Saddlery/Equestrian division respectively.

This was, of course, an extraordinary learning opportunity for all of these future

professionals. “It was amazing to get to spend the day at this company, and I

know I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity, even if it was because of a

disability that I despise with all my heart”, one student confided after a very busy


With Hermès Mission Handicap, the ESMOD Group is reinforcing its goodwill and

its commitment to the integration of those with disabilities with a view to taking

measures to encourage inclusion through employment.

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