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How to design in "Zero Waste" mode?

Students from the Foundation Course were recently began their volume research by creating a top, keeping the “zero waste” concept in mind so that there are no unnecessary fabric remains. This work allows the students to get in touch with creativity through the lens of pattern-making.

The research begins on a mini bust, and they first start with a rectangular sheet of paper (or other recycled textile.) Placing the paper on the bust, starting from an opening in the center of the paper, they must make cuts and folds as they go in order to achieve creative and coherent volumes. Students reported this to be the difficulty for an exercise for which they otherwise had no lack of inspiration.

Once the piece was completed on the bust, the sheet of paper was to be laid flat on the table in its entirety. All parts of the paper had to be used in the design of the top.

Then, this same exercise was done in fabric in another class, but on a full-sized mannequin. The results are outstanding.

It is clear that in practice, the concept of zero waste did not affect the personal creative universe of our students, who were able to design a wide variety of styles. So, why not adopt zero waste practices to limit a whole generation’s worth of waste and pollution!​

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