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Explore upcycling this summer at ESMOD Paris

In keeping with our philosophy, ESMOD is committed to educating young people about eco-responsible approaches to fashion design. With this in mind, we've launched a summer course on eco-friendly fashion with an emphasis on upcycling, which will begin in July 2021.

The principle is simple and is sure to appeal to a wide range of people, as this class will involve transforming pieces from your wardrobe (vintage, basic or unwanted items) into personalized, designer pieces.

The aspiring designers will then have to create a design board illustrating their creative approach via volume research, assembling the different parts of the garments they will have selected beforehand in order to create an original design that they will just have to finish.

In order to do so, they will be able to count on the guidance of fashion professionals who will teach them the techniques of dismantling, cutting, reassembling, sewing, finishing, etc. until they obtain the unique piece they envisioned.

What does this upcycling workshop have that others don't?

  • The month-long workshop allows you to go much further in the creation of a piece than a one-day or one-week workshop. The piece will have been carefully thought out thanks to the design board and the finishing touches, you'll have time to construct it with great care.

  • In addition to the workshop, you will have the opportunity to attend conferences on various topics in fashion: fashion craftsmanship and expertise, the steps involved in creating a collection, how to create a portfolio, etc.

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