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ESMOD runway shows: Positive Révolution

Class of 2022. Show no. 181. Each year, the runway shows and the various categories that they encompass allow us to get a feel for a new generation of designers who, through the sheer scope and diversity of their proposals, testify to the scope and indeed the vitality of the ESMOD world. We take a look at the various styles featured.

Designer: Pablo Rens. Specialisation: Performance & Artistic Design, ESMOD Paris

While it willingly tackles the problems of its time head on and with precision, the new generation of creative talents to which the students of the ESMOD Group’s five French campuses belong also maps out a sunny path whereby positivity quietly provides the optimum conditions for commitment. Matters of form do not exclude substance, and frivolity, reinforced by skilful research into colour, brightness, movement and fluidity, becomes the privilege of a quest that culminates in the importance of being oneself becoming the best weapon against discrimination.

smart size

What if fluidity, in every sense of the word, was the first societal conquest of this first quarter of the century? Between the rejection of gender assignment and the definitive abolition of fashion segregation through slimness, the gender fluid and smart size silhouettes that ESMOD students have developed rightly adopt a new vision of style that challenges the very principle of category to better highlight the sheer variety of bodies and hearts in which we live.

Designer: Clara Favrot.

Spécialisation RTW Women. ESMOD Paris

Gender Fluid and Smart Size flourish in ESMOD Paris, ESMOD Lyon, ESMOD Bordeaux, ESMOD Roubaix and ESMOD Rennes presentations.


From Barbiecore to the PP Pink celebrated by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino, all of the bright colours on the prismatic spectrum are incorporated in force into a wardrobe that strikes a careful balance between the bliss of life in pink, the energy of purple rain, the nostalgic echo of the nineties and the defiant boldness of the ostentatious.

Designer Juan Franco Quiliche Calderon. Spécialisation Nouvelle Couture. ESMOD Paris

Barbiecore, PP Pink, Purple Rain: the stark, and saturated colour certainly allowed the presentations of ESMOD Paris, ESMOD Lyon, ESMOD Bordeaux, ESMOD Roubaix and ESMOD Rennes to portray life through rose-coloured glasses.


High-tenacity composites, incandescent fibres and retro-reflective fabrics really ignite a wardrobe that meanders between codes and applications to reveal the secret of a lifestyle in which technical and even technological textiles encourage a fun sense of diversion and brilliance.

Designer Marie Guilloux.

Spécialisation Luxury Womenswear. Esmod Paris

Technical fibres and iridescent fabrics are once again called to the fore at ESMOD Paris, ESMOD Lyon, ESMOD Bordeaux, ESMOD Roubaix and ESMOD Rennes


As is only befitting of the Y2K revival in mind, volumising and textural effects nurture their carefree manifesto, bordering on regression and incorporating elements of expert crumpling, hypnotic pleats, magical knots, deceptive transparency, languid drapes, soft fringes and comforting cuddly toys, in a wardrobe that emerges from asceticism to better champion the healing power of abundance.

Styliste Designer Ruichen Miao

Spécialisation Women RTW. ESMOD Paris

Volumising and textural effects explode like popcorn in the ESMOD Paris, ESMOD Lyon, ESMOD Bordeaux, ESMOD Roubaix and ESMOD Rennes presentations


An appetite for folklore, even as fantasy, is clearly manifested in all its glory in the contemporary wardrobe as picturesque representations infiltrate stylistic research that draws essentially on regional territories, fairytale archetypes and communities of spirit with recollections of the past. Are heritage and its extra-temporal ramifications the best remedy for ultra-modern virtual solitude?

Designer Chloé Diet

Specialisation Performance & Artistic Design. ESMOD Paris

Folkloric and cultural reminiscences infiltrate a wardrobe that revisits heritage archetypes during presentations at ESMOD Paris, ESMOD Lyon, ESMOD Bordeaux, ESMOD Roubaix and ESMOD Rennes

Crédits photos: Jean-Baptiste Pennel ( défilés ESMOD Paris et Lyon), Clément Decoster ( défilé ESMOD Roubaix), Lucie Monroe (Look jury ESMOD Paris).

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