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ESMOD Lyon Partners With Olympique Lyonnais In An Upcycling Project

Within the framework of their hybridization project combining Design and Business skills, the students of ESMOD Lyon's Fashion Design and Fashion Business programs took part in a major creative workshop aimed at creating original pieces from by-products provided by Olympique Lyonnais. These designs were showcased in front of a jury of professionals and in a fashion show organized entirely by the students, featuring some amazing results, even in the promotion of the event. This comprehensive project enabled them to work together to experience each stage in the life of a fashion product, from its conception to its promotional launch.

video review of this event:

This partnership has also allowed Olympique Lyonnais to have a very inventive perspective regarding its by-products which may, why not, become part of an upcycled product line with a unique creative approach. This perspective will undoubtedly motivate a second session of this workshop next year!

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