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ESMOD HERITAGE: Instagram for fashion freaks!

Despite the fact that it is sometimes considered a little... dusty, the history of fashion has often been driven by revolutionary innovations, as highlighted in each new post from the new ESMOD Patrimoine (ESMOD Heritage) Instagram account.

With 180 years of archives, patterns, models, methods and anecdotes to draw on, ESMOD will be using the new account to showcase a heritage that was previously only shared in all too rare exhibitions. Drawings, illustrations, textile gems, unpublished patents and couture designs from the archives highlight the wealth of knowledge that the school has accumulated over six generations of visionary directors.

Did you know, for example, that magazine La Femme et la Mode, published within the school by Éditions Guerre-Lavigne as early as 1945, had been a benchmark in the post-war fashion world? Find out more in the text and images compiled by Inès Candellier, Marketing and Communications Officer at ESMOD Editions.

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