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"Dress (with) sense": the ultimate guide to an ethical closet.

By Rafaela Valentim, 4th year student at ESMOD Fashion Business

“Dress (with) sense: The practical guide to a conscious closet” is a book made for all the people who are interested in having a more ethical lifestyle and learning about a better way to consume and respect the environment.

This guide was developed by Redress, a non-governmental organization that supports and promotes a sustainable consumption and production on the fashion industry. It is an easy-to-ready book, where we can find many practical tips to develop a more conscious and ethical closet. The tips are about buying better, how to take care of our clothes in an environmentally friendly way, how to wear our clothes more creatively and even how to sell and recycle our garments.

“Dress (with) sense” talks about the big environmental impact of overconsumption and teaches us in an easy, dynamic and illustrated way that it is possible to have a sustainable, ethical and trendy wardrobe.

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