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Biker upcycling by Jade Jacquin

Upcycled, biker and couture creations by Jade Jacquin.

Is Jade Jacquin revolutionary? Conscious of the environmental problems posed by fashion, certainly! "When I enrolled at ESMOD, I wanted to share what I do best, while rethinking the way we consume in this industry". By imagining a "new fashion", she sees design in a new light: that of recycling existing garments. Her favourite materials are leather and fur. These are noble materials that she carefully selects from the world of motorcycling, transposing them into a more luxurious and spectacular world.

"My collection carries my creative DNA, which combines sport and luxury," she continues. "My two main themes are the motorcycling world and anthropomorphism. Created entirely from biker jackets and upcycled fabrics, this line is inspired by the body's movements. It plays with the body. The approach that's particularly close to my heart can be summarised in one question: why buy fabric when you can get hold of existing clothes and create new ones?"

In the future, Jade would like to continue along the same path as her final year collection. "I want to create a world of respect and mutual support in my designs," she concludes. "Designs with innovation to rethink our environment and the way we consume fashion".

Protective and racy, Jade Jacquin's garments offer total looks. Photo by Noémie Lichttenberger.

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