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Actions for the planet: the recycling bins and the drinking fountains at ESMOD.

By Rafaela Valentim, 4th year student at ESMOD Fashion Business

Protecting the environment is a very important subject at ESMOD. The school takes a lot of actions to reduce the environmental impact and to create an ecological awareness among students, teachers and employees.

We can found in the school buildings several recycling bins that allows everyone to properly sort the waste. The bins are organized by color: blue for paper, yellow for recyclable items and gray for non-recyclable items.

When everything is mixed in the trash can, it becomes impossible to recycle the items and all the waste ends up being incinerated or thrown into landfills. Sorting is therefore an essential action to recycle the waste materials and reduce pollution.

The school is also equipped with drinking fountains so everyone can fill their reusable water bottles and glasses. Those fountains have many positive effects, such as reducing the consumption of plastic bottles and the production of waste.

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